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We will be open daily from 10am-5pm at our Farm Market on Elmdale Road in North Scituate until the end of day Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

Come and get your sweet Apple Cider freshly pressed, ultra-violet treated for safety (not heated or pasteurized) with no preservatives!! 

We sell apples by the bushel (40lbs), half bushel (20lbs), peck (10lbs), “A grade,” and “B grade” of all or most of the varieties we grow.  We pick them at the right time; we store them at the appropriate temperatures, to retain the highest quality characteristics for each  variety.  We fill your order to suit you!  Please call ahead and pick up at our Farm Market, or simply drop in and we will have them ready as quickly as possible.

Thanksgiving Farmers markets (Saturdays)

Pawtucket Wintertime: 9am-1pm 

Coastal Growers: 9am-12pm

Winter Farmers Market at the Lafayette Mill

Aquidneck Growers Winter: 9am-12:30pm

Thank you to all of our Customers, Farmers’ Market Managers, Employees, Friends and Family that we see annually, monthly, and daily, that make our orchard a success in this state.  It is truly a combined effort and commitment from all that helps us continue to run our family farm each and every year.  Thank you for visiting us at the markets, at our farm, and otherwise making a choice to purchase from us locally.  We truly appreciate your choice.