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Open by appointment for apples and cider at the farm, otherwise…see you at the Winter markets

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We are slowing our schedule a little bit to three markets a week on Saturdays.

We are at:

Coastal Growers Market 9am-12pm,   http://www.coastalmarket.org/ 

Pawtucket Wintertime Market 9am-1pm,  http://www.farmfresh.org/food/farmersmarkets_details.php?market=29

Aquidneck Growers Market 9am-12:30, http://aquidneckcommunitytable.org/aquidneck-growers-market/

The leaves have finally turned to yellow and are starting to fall.  The few freezing nights have ended picking and we are now in the business of selling what we have harvested, and making sweet apple cider!!

Please call for an appointment to come and get a few apples or in bulk.  We have what you need for apples, winter squash and cider. We have beautiful Large Honeycrisp, Mutsu/Crispin and Fuji apples for Chocolate covered apple gifts, and lots of bushels for baking and apple sauce.  

       (Ok not quite yet on this last pick)

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We will be open daily from 10am-5pm at our Farm Market on Elmdale Road in North Scituate until the end of day Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

Come and get your sweet Apple Cider freshly pressed, ultra-violet treated for safety (not heated or pasteurized) with no preservatives!! 

We sell apples by the bushel (40lbs), half bushel (20lbs), peck (10lbs), “A grade,” and “B grade” of all or most of the varieties we grow.  We pick them at the right time; we store them at the appropriate temperatures, to retain the highest quality characteristics for each  variety.  We fill your order to suit you!  Please call ahead and pick up at our Farm Market, or simply drop in and we will have them ready as quickly as possible.

Thanksgiving Farmers markets (Saturdays)

Pawtucket Wintertime: 9am-1pm


Coastal Growers: 9am-12pm

Winter Farmers Market at the Lafayette Mill

Aquidneck Growers Winter: 9am-12:30pm


Thank you to all of our Customers, Farmers’ Market Managers, Employees, Friends and Family that we see annually, monthly, and daily, that make our orchard a success in this state.  It is truly a combined effort and commitment from all that helps us continue to run our family farm each and every year.  Thank you for visiting us at the markets, at our farm, and otherwise making a choice to purchase from us locally.  We truly appreciate your choice.




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Little Rhody Rescue fundraiser Thank you!!! and “Hurry sale ends soon!” (a familiar marketing cliche…sad but true

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We want to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our 1st Annual Harvest Celebration to support Little Rhody Rescue! A special thanks to our musicians, Kevin P Herchen,  You were incredible, as always  Thanks to Rory, Charlie and Bill who jumped in at the last minute to help us out with out fundraiser music.  They played some excellent Appalachian music, and Anna joined in on the penny whistle!!  And yet another heartfelt thank you to our fellow farmers’ market vendors for their generous donations to our raffle: Jack’s Snacks, a dog bakeryPopette Of Pendulum, @Maryann Levendusky, and Two Little Buns.

We are extending our sale on Pick Your Own Apples: buy 1 bag, get 1 bag (of equal or lesser value) FREE this week! We are able to offer PYO apples until the first bad frost, which is predicted for this coming Friday night. We will also continue our FREE pumpkin with any purchase (while supplies last). We are open every day until Thanksgiving, 10am-5pm.

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Apple deals this weekend, open 10am-5pm every day!! Fundraiser fun from 1pm-5pm Saturday

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Harvest Celebrations are upon us.  Harvest is coming to a close and it was an ABUNDANT one, so we have lots to celebrate.  We are sharing that celebration with you!!


We are holding a fundraiser to benefit Little Rhody Rescue   http://littlerhodyrescue.com/ from 1pm-5pm this Saturday 11/4/17.  We will have food, acoustic music, games, pumpkin painting and carving, raffles and hayrides for those who participate in the fundraiser activities.  


This weekend we are having a buy one bag of pick your own apples, get one bag free of equal or smaller size.  Also, for every purchase  you receive a free pumpkin!!


We still have lots of apples on the trees. The later varieties still have fresh flavor and texture.  
Come and pick Macoun, Empire, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Crispin, Idared, Fuji (two kinds), Granny Smith and Pink Lady.  

Some varieties you may have to taste and check before you pick such as McIntosh, Cortland, Liberty, Gala which are about 60/40 over ripe versus still ok on the tree.  So taste check color and feel before you pick those varieties.  

Come out and enjoy the celebrations!!



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Harmony closed for the season…Barden open for picking until Jack Frost comes

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We are still open for picking!!

Macoun, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Fuji (three kinds), Empire, Idared, Granny Smith, Crispin, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Northern Spy, and Pink Lady are still terrific and hanging.  

McIntosh and Gala are getting soft on the tree as well as some Cortland. 

We have lots of pumpkins in the yard for Halloween and our farm market is still full of freshly made sweet apple cider, apples, butternut squash and other treats!

Next Saturday November 4, 1pm-5pm, we are having our First Annual Harvest celebration with food, hayrides and live music!! The event is also a fundraiser for Little Rhody Rescue.  Please find more information here:  https://www.facebook.com/bardenfamilyorchard/ in our events.

Come and have some fun, try your luck and support a very important group in our community.


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Most varieties available now!!!

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We are open 9am-4:15pm for picking and our store closes at 5:00 on weekends.

Monday through Friday we are open 9am-5:15 for picking and our store closes at 6:00.

This is the best apple picking of the year!  Flavor is great, and we have over 15 varieties available:

McIntosh, Gala, Cortland, Honeycrisp, Macoun, Spartan, Liberty, Jonagold, Fuji, Idared, Empire, Northern Spy, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Crispin, Rome Beauty, Baldwin, and Stayman Winesap.

Coming soon.. Granny Smith and our later Fuji apples, and in another 10 days maybe the Pink Lady will be ready.  

This will be the last week for Honeycrisp.  

Free hayrides on Sunday 12-4 to the upper orchard and pumpkin patch.  


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Columbus Day Weekend!! That means Scituate Art Festival!!

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Hey folks we are open for great apple picking this weekend!

There are so many beautiful fruit on the trees just waiting to be picked!

Some varieties may be better accessed from our Pole Bridge Road opening up the hill.  We plan on having someone there Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  If you want Gala. McIntosh Macoun Crispin and Cortland (especially Gala) you could stop up there for picking.  We also have a beautiful pick your own pumpkin patch right along the road.

McIntosh, Gala, Cortland, Macoun, Liberty, Spartan, Empire, early Fuji, Golden and Red Delicious, Idared, Northern Spy, Crispin and Honeycrisp!!

We have an abundance of pumpkins this season and are very excited for everyone to come and get their own for Halloween!!

We are open every day at 9 am weekdays until 6pm and weekends and Columbus Day until 5:00. 


Route 6 will be very congested at Route 116 in Scituate due to the Festival.  For alternate routes look at Hopkins Avenue off of Route 6, consider coming in Route 44, or pop over after the festival.

See you at the farm!!


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