"Welcome to the home of The Barden Family Orchard"

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Pumpkins!! and still lots of Fuji and Crispin for children to reach!!

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2014pumpkins 001 2014pumpkins 005


FREE HAYRIDES today 1pm-4pm.  


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It is a Fuji, Crispin and pumpkin weekend!!!

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Our pumpkin patch still has some pumpkins!!  There are hundreds of pumpkins to choose from in our farm yard.  Come and find THE ONE..or two.  

2014Columbus day week 0372014Columbus day week 0152014Columbus day week 014


We still have two varieties that are in abundance and low enough to reach.  The sweet Fuji apple and great all-purpose Crispin (Mutsu) apple.  

Although there are some of the other varieties (Cortland, Gala McIntosh Red Delicious Idared and Macoun) many are high and not in great abundance.  Right now you could fill your bag with any of these, but by the end of the day tomorrow…maybe not. We’ll try to update tomorrow night!


We still have beautiful raspberries to pick.  Please call before you come if you are only coming for raspberries, because they can be quickly picked over.


There are also cherry tomatoes….Lots of orange, red and black cherry and some red grape!!]


FREE Tractor drawn Hayrides will run on Sunday from 1pm-4pm.  Come out and get some great food!!

2014Columbus day week 034

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Columbus Day weekend = Scituate Art Festival= Route 6 west traffic will be backed up

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Still picking lots of apples (with pole pickers)  this weekend!  Open Sat and Sun 9am- 5pm…. Monday (holiday) and rest of week,  9am- 6pm 

Macoun, Cortland, Empire, Crispin, Rome, Fuji, Spartan,Idared, Jonagold,  a few McIntosh, a few Gala, a few Delicious…


If you are planning a trip to our orchard this weekend, and are not planning to go to the Scituate Art Festival, please find another Route to get here!  

Many people take Route 44 into Greenville (part of Smtihfield, RI) as an alternative and then come up Smith Avenue (Route 116 south) and straight on Snake Hill Road then take first left onto Elmdale Road.  

Lots of delicious sweet apple cider was made TODAY!!  Come take a walk around the pumpkin yard and find your Halloween pumpkin!

Lots of pick your own pumpkins and raspberries are still available.2014sept11farm 008


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Last Day to pick Honeycrisp

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The nights are cooling 

It’s autumn…no fooling

The Honeycrisp trees are bare

The wind blows a gale 

The farmers exhale

There are lots of other apples to spare!


Like Macoun, McIntosh, Cortland, Fuji, Jonagold, Crispin, Delicious, Rome, Idared, Spartan, (a few) Gala, Empire

We still have lots of raspberries to pick!  Come out and get some!

 2014August 095




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Clarification…picking apples, cherry tomatoes, a few raspberries and pumpkins this weekend

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Peach and large tomato picking are not available this weekend

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Honeycrisp are still beautiful…although a little farther away

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For those who are still wishing to pick Honeycrisp, your wish will come true this weekend.  We still have lots of apples in the upper orchard and in the far corner of the orchard.  Here is an interesting and yummy way to eat them! 

late summer first day of school2010 091honeycrisp treat


Weekday hours 9am-6pm and Weekend hours 9am-5pm.  

Please arrive 45 minutes before closing if you plan to pick apples or other items.  

Please do not bring backpacks, large tote bags or other bags into the orchard.



Our yard is full of pumpkins! as well as in our field for you to pick your own.  

2014pumps 001


Cherry tomatoes and  a few raspberries are still available for picking.  

We still have peaches (while our supply lasts), and tomatoes!!

Come in and taste our fresh sweet apple cider, and check out our farm market with lots of little goodies like Bettys Bee Farm honey and locally made apple butter and other jams !!  

2014sept 025 2014sept 022

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Honeycrisp plenitude

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 late summer first day of school2010 091               Gilhoneycrispcrop

Our orchard is full of ripe Honeycrisp, Gala, McIntosh, Macoun, Cortland, Fuji, and Liberty.  A few Jonagold are starting to turn. 

We are also open on Pole Bridge Road this weekend.

Come out and enjoy our farm; pick apples, pumpkins, and cherry tomatoes!

Our cider pressing started early today 6:30am!  Make time for a tasty farm visit this weekend

Open 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.  Please come by 4:15 to pick.  


We have found that we must communicate the following…..Please also note:

Dogs are not allowed in the orchard or in our farm market,

Only fanny packs and hand purses/change purses are allowed into the orchard.  Only bags that you will be picking into are allowed in the orchard during picking season.  Other backpacks, tote bags, large purses etc must be left in your vehicle.  Extra apples that do not fit in your picking bag must be paid for separately.

Please stay on the ground during picking.  If you see apples up high, please do not climb the trees to pick them.  There are plenty of low apples all over.  Please walk further to find them, or ask us where to pick apples within reach.

We ask that you please respect our rules when you are at our farm.  

There is a minimum of 4 people to a peck (10-12 lbs), and 6 people to a half bushel (20-22 lbs).  We also ask that anyone who walks out into our orchard purchases at least a peck (10 lbs) of apples.  

We hope all of our customers have a great experience at our farm.  If there are any issues or concerns please tell us or one of our staff.  


2014sept 028 2014sept 029


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