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Pruning Time

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2015winter 003              2015winter 004

Over the last few weeks the men have begun pruning apple trees.  Pruning helps to even out the crop load/use of resources on the tree.  Pruning also promotes sunlight and air penetration throughout the tree,  keeping the tree healthy, and giving the crop better color.    Every tree should be pruned every year.   All of this maintenance leads to a healthier orchard, and tasty apples! 

There is also lots of office clean-up and organizing going on, lots of meetings and conferences to attend, and decisions on what annual crops our customers might like us to plant.  Plowing snow, ordering equipment and organizing barn and work spaces are also on the list over the winter.  We hope you enjoy your time indoors and out, on the nice days, over the next few weeks.

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Beautiful November Day Today!!

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Barden Family Orchard

It is well into November and today some of our hardy, industrious customers were out picking a few Fuji apples that we have out there. There are a few, but the apples must be checked to make sure they are still firm and of course you must taste them before you pick a lot!

Raspberries are also available in small quantities. They ripen much slower, so each day only a few more are ripe. There are still red and yellow raspberries to pick.

Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away! We still have pumpkins for floral arrangements, decorations or seeds! We have pink Rascal pumpkins that are delicious to steam/roast in the oven.

Their rich squashy flavor is a little bolder than a butternut. No need to add anything extra to have a delicious healthy side dish for your winter feasts, no sugar or butter needed!

Come see us for Sweet Apple Cider, squash (butternut and Rascal pumpkin) and apples. We have A-grade and B-grade apples available in our market including Gala, McIntosh, Macoun, Honeycrisp, Cortland, Empire, Jonagold, Crispin, Granny Smith and Fuji.

We have Betty’s Bee Farm Honey, baking and pancake mixes and will be OPEN 10 am to 5pm everyday until November 26.

2014sept11farm 010

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Onto thanksgiving!!

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Thank you to all of our customers who support us through the season!!P1040367

We have lots of cider, apples, squash and pumpkins at the farm!!!  ***There may be a few raspberries to pick on Saturday.

We are open in November,  EVERY DAY from 10AM-5:00PM

We  are also attending three markets this  Saturday morning

Coastal Growers Market   http://www.farmfresh.org/food/farmersmarkets_details.php?market=380 

Pawtucket Wintertime Market   http://www.farmfresh.org/food/farmersmarkets_details.php?market=29

Pawtuxet Village Farmers Market    http://www.farmfresh.org/food/farmersmarkets_details.php?market=18


Check out our facebook post this week.




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Still lots of beautiful pumpkins and some apple picking

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2014Columbus day week 036

Apple picking is limited unless you want Fuji or do not have a preference.  Fuji are sweet.  Great for fresh eating and adding to apple sauce!

There are a few Cortlands and Idareds…fewer still Crispin and Golden Delicious to pick.  

There is still a great selection of pumpkins!  2014Columbus day week 013

We have lots of apples, apple cider, pumpkins and winter squash.

Plan on us for your Thanksgiving source of apples, squash and freshly pressed sweet apple cider for your family FEAST!!

We are open in November.  Please check back on the hours of operation.




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Still lots of beautiful pumpkins!!

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It is the last weekend before Halloween and we are ready for all who are looking for pumpkins this week. 

2014Columbus day week 013 2014Columbus day week 036


Sweet apple cider was made on Thursday!!   We have lots of cider, apples and squash in our store.  

We will be open until Thanksgiving.  Please check back here for our hours of operation.  

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Pumpkins!! and still lots of Fuji and Crispin for children to reach!!

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2014pumpkins 001 2014pumpkins 005


FREE HAYRIDES today 1pm-4pm.  


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It is a Fuji, Crispin and pumpkin weekend!!!

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Our pumpkin patch still has some pumpkins!!  There are hundreds of pumpkins to choose from in our farm yard.  Come and find THE ONE..or two.  

2014Columbus day week 0372014Columbus day week 0152014Columbus day week 014


We still have two varieties that are in abundance and low enough to reach.  The sweet Fuji apple and great all-purpose Crispin (Mutsu) apple.  

Although there are some of the other varieties (Cortland, Gala McIntosh Red Delicious Idared and Macoun) many are high and not in great abundance.  Right now you could fill your bag with any of these, but by the end of the day tomorrow…maybe not. We’ll try to update tomorrow night!


We still have beautiful raspberries to pick.  Please call before you come if you are only coming for raspberries, because they can be quickly picked over.


There are also cherry tomatoes….Lots of orange, red and black cherry and some red grape!!]


FREE Tractor drawn Hayrides will run on Sunday from 1pm-4pm.  Come out and get some great food!!

2014Columbus day week 034

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